The Daiyōkai Deck

An InuYasha Tarot Project

The Daiyōkai Deck is a traditional, 78 card tarot deck. We have worked with our guest artists to carefully select characters and themes as they not only tie to tarot, but to the entire InuYasha franchise."Two different worlds exist at the same time... Human and demon, light and shadow, Feudal Era and present day, peace and war, joy and sorrow, dreams and reality, now and forever, and finally, love and hate."The project will feature 13-14 artists who will do 5-6 cards each.


Our Artist Application has closed as of March 30th, 2022. If you applied, please be sure to check your email. We'll have updates regarding this project soon!


Is this project for profit or for charity?This project is going to be for profit. We believe that artists and moderators fairly for their hard work. All profits will be divided equally among artists and mods.How will the artists and mods be compensated?
Artists and mods will be compensated by receiving a free copy of The Daiyokai Deck, including the booklet and an equal split of each sale.
Will the project include the InuYasha movies and Hanyo no Yashahime?
Yes, we will be including the movies and Yashahime.
Where are you shipping from?
The United States
Will you be offering international shipping?
Yes, we will be offering international shipping.
Will you be inviting guests?
Can minors apply to be an artist or moderator?
No, all artists and mods must be over 18 so they may be compensated fairly.
Will you include a guide for beginners who are new to tarot?
Yes, we plan on providing an option for a booklet for those who are new to tarot with additional content.


The Daiyokai Deck is a full 78 card tarot deck featuring featuring Major and Minor Arcana with characters from the InuYasha franchise, including the movies and sequel series, Hanyo no Yashahime.Card Specs:
2.75 x 4.75in at 300 DPI (bleed not included)
Format PSD, CMYK Color Format
Card Examples
The Lovers featuring Kagome and InuYasha, The Moon featuring Sesshomaru, The Hermit featuring Totosai
The Suits
The Major Arcana (22)
Suit of Arrows (14)
Suit of Pearls (14)
Suit of Cups (14)
Suit of Swords (14)


January 14th - Release Details, Run Mod Applications and Interest Check
February 15th - Interest Check Ends

February 28th - Mod Apps Closed
March 1st - Artist Apps Open
March 30th - Artist Apps End
April 9-10th - Artist Emails go out
April 15th - Deadline to join Discord or confirm status

June 30th - Concept Check-in Deadline
July 2nd - Concept Meeting***
***July 10th - Concept Check-in Deadline

September 30th - Art First Drafts Deadlines
October 15th - Extended Art First Draft Deadline
October 22nd - Extended Art ~~First Draft Hard Deadline
December 1st - Booklet First Draft Deadline~~
Extended Schedule
March 26th 2023- Art Revised Drafts/Check-in 2, Last Day for Contributors to Drop Out
April 30th- Booklet First Draft Extension
May 28th - Booklet Revised Draft Deadline
July 30th 2023- Final Art Revisions/Check-In 3 Deadline
August 27th 2023 - Booklet Revisions Deadline
September 30th- Submit Finalized Artwork & Booklet Deadline
November 2023- Preorders open
January 2024- Preorders end
January 2024 - File goes to printer
Feb 2024 - April 2024: Production
Late April 2024: Arrives to Shipper
May 2024: Mail Out